About Us

Our Mission

 G.W. Carver High School for the Sciences provides students with an in-depth, well rounded and thorough college preparatory education with an emphasis on science and mathematics. At all levels of training, classroom teaching and learning are complemented with authentic, inquiry-based research experiences. The combined research and teaching experiences prepare students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers and enable them to pursue careers in biological sciences (related to medicine and health), physical sciences (chemistry, physics, environmental and material sciences), mathematics, engineering, veterinary medicine and its related fields.

The G.W. Carver High School for the Sciences is designed to challenge each student to think independently and to be resourceful. Thus, our school enables students to commence the training process to prepare them to be literate citizen-leaders and to pursue higher level education to meet the demands of our society through successful interdisciplinary approaches.

About Connect with Kids

Connect with Kids, founded in 1998, is an instructional media company that produces documentary programs for television and evidenced-based video programs and resources for schools with a focus on student behavior, parent engagement and social and emotional issues. Using the power of storytelling and peer-to-peer learning, Connect with Kids programs spark a connection among parents and their children, while inspiring positive behavior and cultural change. CWK owns one of the nation’s largest non-fiction multimedia libraries, with more than 6,000 hours of video featuring real kids and teens sharing their true stories, along with expert advice and the latest research. Our print resources include family viewing guides, lesson plans, and educational curricula, and address today’s most important parent and teen topics.

Connect with Kids Research and Methodology

Connect with Kids has been designated an “Effective Producer” of programs by the U.S. Department of Education and appears on the prestigious U.S. Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse List. Research shows that schools using Connect with Kids programs experienced:

  • A decrease in physical and verbal aggressive behaviors among students.
  • A decrease in the likelihood of students using drugs and alcohol.
  • An increase in positive social and emotional behaviors among students.

Read more at http://connectwithkids.com/research/

Academic Highlights

  • Special programs in Scientific Research, Pre-Nursing Program, and Veterinary Science
  • College preparation through a rigorous academic curriculum
  • Personalized learning
  • Honors and Advanced Placement Courses
  • Small Learning Community which cultivates interaction with faculty and the community
  • Small student body
  • Guidance and college advisory staff
  • College articulation, internship and mentorship programs

Notable Carver Collaborations

  • Weill Cornell Medical College Health Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP)
  • Queens County Dental Society Summer Shadowing Program
  • CUNY Medgar Evers College — College NOW Program
  • CUNY York College — College NOW Program
  • Alexander Youth Etiquette Success (YES)
  • NYCDOE College Access for All
  • NYCDOE AP for All
  • Alfred State University
  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • Clinical Practicuum experiences in the Pre-Nursing - Expanded Success Initiative
  • Gateway Institute for Pre-College Education

Notable College Acceptances

Yale ✦ Stanford University ✦ Johns Hopkins ✦ Columbia University ✦ Brown University ✦ New York University ✦ Cornell University ✦ Dartmouth University ✦ University of Pennsylvania ✦ Skidmore College ✦ University of Wisconsin-Madison ✦ Rochester Institute of Technology ✦ Polytechnic Institute ✦ Virginia State University ✦ Michigan State University ✦ Embry Riddle St. John's University ✦ Adelphi University ✦ Bowie State University ✦ Union College ✦ Morehouse College ✦ Spelman College ✦ Long Island University ✦ North Carolina Central

SUNY — Stony Brook University ✦ University of Albany ✦ Buffalo State College ✦ Alfred State Environmental Science and Forestry ✦ Binghamton University ✦ University of Buffalo

CUNY — Queens College ✦ City College ✦ Medgar Evers College ✦ Hunter College ✦ Brooklyn College ✦ Baruch College ✦ Queensborough Community College